Numerary assistants


The numerary assistants are Opus Dei´s members dedicated to the domestic tasks in the Opus Dei´s centers. They are women that provide with their work for God a very important support in the Opus Dei apostolic activities. We have understand that Opus Dei is an extensive family and the numerary assistants are like the mothers who choose stay at home looking after the domestic needs, as in any family: cooking, maintaining, accommodation, housekeeping, care and the clean the house, laundry tasks… Like the other Opus Dei´s members, the numerary assistants seek the holiness with their ordinary tasks.

Today, we have linked videos about the numerary assistants issue. Please, note that they always explain their calling and their work better than this post. 

Andrea explaining…, english

Rebeca´s testimony, spanish

A numerary assistants, spanish

Why am I a numerary assistant, spanish

What is a numerary assistant, spanish

Marta´s explanation, spanish

The numerary assistants explanation, spanish

A numerary assistants from Netherlands

Another numerary assistant… spanish

Sole, numerary assistants of Opus Dei

And other testimony about numerary assistants, spanish

And more about numerary assistants, spanish

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